Founders Message

On behalf of our entire team, it is a pleasure to welcome you to Be Taekwondo.

The commencement of Taekwondo was my 11th birthday present from my parents who recognised that martial arts would provide valuable guidance and nurturing of my physical and personal development. Taekwondo training provided me with the gifts of confidence, well-being, technical skills and character traits that would attribute to a sustained happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.

Our motto “Just Be…” appeals to each of us that has had a period where we delay achieving our goals. We all lead busy lifestyles and often disregard the things that should matter most, such as our well-being and personal objectives.  Our message of “Just Be…”,  inspires us to stop contemplating and get into action. Our areas of action include “Be Fit”, “Be Safe” and “Be Athletes” that provide a variety of training types that will see you achieve and sustain that healthy and confident state.

The name: “Be Taekwondo” is inspired by the common goals we all share for ourselves and those close to us.  We all aspire to be healthy, safe and confident and our dedicated team understands that gaining such qualities begins with first achieving a state of fitness, awareness and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a welcoming and friendly environment for families and working professionals, and in providing a challenging fitness and training regime that will surely have you feeling fitter, healthier and safer than you ever have before.


Our logos contain several symbols that represent your journey with our team. The white belt reflects the beginning of your tuition with us.  As you develop and progress you will move up the colour belt rankings until you achieve the goal of Black Belt. The stripes on the belt represent the beginning of mastery of Taekwondo. Five “Dans” (stripes) indicate a master practitioner.  The belts have been positioned carefully to form both the word “Be” and an infinity symbol. The key word embedded centre within the infinity sign symbolises the achievement of your goals as a continual focus as well as a sign of our commitment to you that the knowledge and benefits gained with us will be everlasting.


Being a member of the world Taekwondo community has been the centre stone of my personal, professional and sporting life. The virtues of discipline, respect, dedication and passion were cultured at an early age and remain with me continually. The health benefits and character traits that have been developed through my practice of Taekwondo have allowed me to experience the greatest of happiness and success. Having lived 35 years and having attended primary and high schools in North Fitzroy and East Brunswick, I greatly look forward to contributing to our fantastic community. I aspire to share the gift of Taekwondo with you all and welcome you to come by, introduce yourself and see our centre which displays some rare Olympic memorabilia.

Again, a big welcome to Be Taekwondo and our team wishes you the greatest of everlasting health, happiness and success.


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