A traditional art-form and modern Olympic sport. Our Taekwondo classes are all about fostering qualities such as confidence, self control and positive outlook in an engaging, fun and safe environment. Start your journey to Black Belt today.

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3-6 year olds

7-10 year olds

11-14 year olds


  • The Be Taekwondo Team are dedicated towards the holistic improvement of each member. Our classes instil a positive attitude while building confidence and teaching the importance of strong values and good character.

    Members will engage in classes that are specially tailored for their individual needs whether for children and youth, or parents and working professionals. Our classes are age specific to ensure learning is maximised and each member reaches their full potential.

    The Be Taekwondo Syllabus is uniquely created to ensure a fun, challenging and progressive learning environment for your journey to becoming a Black Belt.

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6am - 10pm

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